Ya feel me?

Dec 10th Private Detroit Athletic Club

November 18th-19th webers Ann Arbor w/ The Frontmen

Dec 2nd PRIVATE XMAS events 

Dec 9th Private Book Cadillac Detroit

January 21st Shakers Wixom

November 25th Brick's of NORTHVILLE

Feb 4th Shakers Wixom

Dec 23rd Brick's of NORTHVILLE

Dec 16-17 WEBERS AA



Jan 13th Shakers Wixom

Feb 10 Bricks of Northville 

Feb 11th Cowleys Farmington

Feb 17th Shakers

Feb 18th Bennys Pizza Livonia PARTY

Feb 24th Bricks Northville

March 4th Shakers

March 11th Wedding Cantoros Livonia

March 17th Shakers

March 18th Cowleys

March 24th Walnut Creek Opener

March 25th Novi Athletics Bash fund raiser

March 31st Shakers

April 1st Shelbie Kappas fund raiser

April 7th-8 Webers FRONTMEN

April !4th Shakers

April 21st Shakers

April 28th Bricks Northville

April @9th wounded Soldier Benefit Grosse Point

May 5th Cinco Shakers

Jan 28th Private Casino event

Jan 20 Bricks of Northville

  • Rich Girl2:42
  • I want you back3:30
  • lets stay together 10-4-144:25

  • Frontmen Demo 18:23